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From the CIMT2017 to see the development trend of domestic numerical control technology


From the CIMT2017 to see the development trend of domestic numerical control technology

At the 15th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2017) held on April 17-22, 2017, well-known domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers and CNC enterprises participated actively in the exhibition. Many enterprises exhibited middle and high-grade machine tool.

Participating in this exhibition CNC system pavilions of domestic CNC system enterprises are very active, the main exhibitors are: Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd., Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Institute of Computer Technology and Applications, Dalian Koyo Technology Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Omori CNC Technology Development Center Co., Ltd., Shenyang High Precision CNC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Super Synchronous Servo Co., Ltd., Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Shansen NC Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Guangtai NC Equipment Co., Ltd., Suzhou Huaxin NC Technology Development Co., Ltd., a total of more than 20.

At CIMT2017, exhibitors of CNC system enterprises fully demonstrated their innovations and exchanged the latest technologies and products independently developed by the enterprises. They also discussed the trend and direction of the industry development in depth and meticulously understood and tried to meet the latest needs of users' industries.

CNC system pavilions main exhibits briefly

Due to space limitations, only some of the exhibits of enterprises as an example to briefly introduce the exhibitors.

Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd .: A variety of products and technologies such as intelligent wheel hub production line, Huazhong 8 high-end CNC system, a new generation of cloud CNC service platform, Huazhong 8 intelligent function, configuration of linear motor high speed and high precision machining center, etc. The exhibition.

CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou: 986Gs grinder CNC system, GSK25iG-H gear machine numerical control system, 928TEb lathe CNC system, GSK980TDi lathe CNC system, GSK980MDi CNC milling machine, GR series servo Drive, SJTR robot dedicated AC servo motor, SJT series AC servo motor, SJM series AC servo torque motor and other products debut CIMT2017, has attracted many new and old customers stop to visit.

Shenyang High Precision CNC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.: CNC system, servo drive unit, industrial robots and their control systems, digital workshop management system series of CNC products, demonstrated the high precision CNC powerful R & D, production and technical services ability.

Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd .: exhibited the overall solution drilling center, the program is more used in the 3C industry, mobile phone shell processing, auto parts processing and other parts processing. After processing the shape of different parts, both practicality and aesthetics and other characteristics, which requires the control system to ensure the processing efficiency under the premise of providing good processing results. To meet this market demand, Weihong metal product line launched a targeted drilling center overall solution.

Configure domestic high-end CNC machine tool products

In this exhibition, many machine tool companies have exhibited the machine tool of domestic high-end CNC system. as follows:

CNC system configuration Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd.: At this exhibition, many exhibitors exhibited medium and high-grade CNC machine tools equipped with Huazhong 8 high-grade CNC system.

Domestic numerical control technology development trend

1, information technology

With the development of manufacturing industry, CNC machine tool is no longer an independent processing unit, CNC machine tools and people and CNC machine tools are inseparable from the network. Network functions for manufacturing automation integration The numerical control system should have the function of exchanging information with the upper information management system. The necessary exchange of information includes the manufacturing and processing tasks plan, the working status and fault information of the numerical control system and the underlying executive device. At the same time, big data collection and big data mining based on the new generation cloud service platform have become more and more important. All these are inseparable from the high-speed and reliable network information function.

(1) Huazhong CNC a new generation of cloud numerical control platform

For manufacturing companies, machine tool manufacturers, CNC manufacturers to create a manufacturing equipment as the center of the digital service platform. The leading cloud CNC model provides three functions of "Cloud Butler, Cloud Maintenance and Cloud Intelligence" to complete the manufacturing equipment life cycle management from daily production to maintenance and transformation optimization, to monitor equipment status and production situation at any time, and to enjoy professional, intelligent , Safe tracking service.

(2) high-precision CNC DNC digital workshop management program

Digital workshop monitoring and management system is committed to enhancing the workshop network, digital and intelligent level, the system uses B / S and C / S architecture, with automatic transmission and management of workpiece processing network program, machine tool processing real-time acquisition and monitoring, processing efficiency And fault statistics and analysis, workshop integrated information management, remote video surveillance and other functions. System for the machine tool operators to provide convenient and efficient service at the same time, allowing managers to real-time, accurate grasp of the workshop status, can significantly improve the workshop lean manufacturing capacity and intelligent manufacturing efficiency.

2, intelligent

Intelligence is a general direction of the development of manufacturing technology. With the infiltration of artificial intelligence in the computer field, the development of intelligent numerical control system is bound to become the future trend of development. For example: the development of open intelligent CNC system to support temperature, vibration, RFID sensors involved in the IoT platform; developed based on high-level language intelligent CNC system interpreter; based on open intelligent CNC system intelligent processing technology, such as smart Processing path control, feed rate adaptive, fault diagnosis, monitoring and automatic maintenance of equipment.

3, a wide range of robots

The function of future machine tools is not limited to simple machining, but also has a certain ability to complete complex tasks autonomously. As an important application area of ​​numerical control system, robotics have developed rapidly in recent years. The application field of the robot is not limited to the traditional handling, stacking, painting, welding and other workstations, but extends to the field of machine tool loading and unloading, tool changing, cutting, measuring, polishing and assembly. From the traditional labor-saving The heavy work, the development of IC packaging, visual tracking and color sorting and other fields, greatly improving the work efficiency of CNC machine tools.

At this exhibition, a wide range of processing robots, such as Guangzhong, Huazhong Numerical Control, Shenyang High Precision and other domestic numerical control system manufacturers, and various types of lathes and machining centers, as well as automatic production lines composed of truss robots are numerous.

4, intelligent manufacturing is developing rapidly

With the rapidly rising cost of labor, land and other factors, the low-cost competitive advantage of manufacturing in China continues to be weakened. The development of intelligent manufacturing has become an important means of reshaping the competitive advantage of China's manufacturing industry. In 2015, China released "Made in China 2025", establishing intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of its development. In the "Proposal of the CPC Central Committee on Formulating the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development," China has made breakthroughs in core technology breakthroughs, emerging industries Development and production changes in the three aspects gave a strategic position.

In 2016, the top-level design of China's smart manufacturing was further improved. The "Smart Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020)" was released and the "Smart Manufacturing Engineering" will be released and implemented. The advancement of China's smart manufacturing system will be officially launched and 60 smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects will continue. It is estimated that the smart manufacturing special project will continue to focus on the application of integrated standardization test and verification of the new mode of smart manufacturing.

In 2017, 98 smart manufacturing demonstration projects were announced in various fields such as automobiles, electronics, biology, energy and so on. Intelligent manufacturing has become a trend of the equipment manufacturing industry.


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